LYMPERAKIS - Handmade Frames



The services we provide are:

We provide a wide range of new and old frames to choose from.

Also we can copy any of your old frame from the original or from photos.

Our extensive experience and our artistic aesthetic allows us to combine the contents of a table to the right hand frame.

Our company always pay attention to the quality of raw materials chosen.

We select A’ quality paperboard antacids, gold leaf and silver leaf, glazed first quality as well as windows with UV protection filters for reflection.

Always combining excellent quality with elegance and good taste, we do our best for a perfect result, so that the customer can be completely satisfied.


Back then when a frame was chosen for a painting, the cost was often the same or even greater.

Over the years most of these antique frames were destroyed.

The cause was sometimes by amateurs who painted them, and other times by incorrect storage or by bad weather conditions.

We know how to do the cleaning of your old frame.

We maintain or repair any old reliefs, gild with gold leaf and gold on 22carats upon customer request.

Paying great attention to the selection of the correct patina (depending on the season), which can be made of plaster or stucco.


We encourage our customers to restore their old authentic frames.

We can also renovate your old damaged frame filling in missing spots with mold.

We provide our knowledge of how to do it correctly.

Giving us detailed photos of your old damaged frame can make you a first estimate of the cost and time of restoration.

This is our contribution to the preservation of values over time.